Skellerup 4x4 Marathon


Skellerup has been supplying New Zealand industry with high quality genuine hand lasted footwear for over 65 years.  Ever since New Zealand's first rubber gumboot, the original 'Marathon' emerged from the vulcaniser on September 9 1943, Skellerup has set about creating a standard for waterproof footwear, not just here but around the world.

Every Skellerup boot is assembled by hand, incorporting on average 30 components and four rubber formulations, before the finished product is vulcanised using heat and pressure. And to ensure comfort and compatibility with local conditions, all our boots are shaped to match typical New Zealand Feet.

Skellerup gumboots are made form 100% natural rubber and cotton canvas, both renewable resources.

Skellerup 4X4 marathon, for those farmers wanting a bit extra comfort and protection. Marathon is knee height, Mud grip sole, calf length. Inlcludes and 8mm moulded polyurethane insole.

Price: $142.00