John Bull 'WILDCAT'

SKU: 9597

Claret Bullhide lace up boot with toe cap and scratchguard - Polyurethane midsole/nitrile rubber outsole combination.  Great for those who kneel alot or who use their boots to hold or kick things.

Low density - lightweight Polyurethane mircocellular midsole: for brilliant comfort and shock absorption.

High density - Nitrile rubber outsole: for increased cut resistance and grip in wet greasy conditions - resists contact with heat up to 300 degrees C.  Nitrile rubber is impervious to hydrolysis and microbial attack.

Aggressive outsole tread: designed to expel foreign materials and resists clogging, with 5 mm deep cleats: for increased traction, grip and resistance to stone bruising.

Ergonomically designed toe spring and strategically located flex point make the sole work for you: less fatigue at the end of the day.

Defined heel for site safety on ladders and gantries.

Price: $244.00