3M™ Headgear Combination Forestry Mesh


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A versatile and comfortable solution for wearers who require face and hearing protection. The G500 special features make it easy to combine the headgear with other 3M safety products, including visors, passive earmuffs or communication headsets. System includes: front cover with ventilation, adjustable headband, 5C stainless steel mesh visor (AS/NZS 1337.2 – low impact) and Peltor™ Slimline Earmuffs Class 4.

  • Frontcover has ventilation for increased comfort. The front cover is also designed as a cable holder in combination with Communication products
  • Mesh Face Shield: + 5C (Stainless Steel) is approved for “High Speed Particles” 45m/s (F) according to AS/NZS 1337.2:2012
  • Hearing Protection with the robust headband design the G500 can be used both with and without earmuffs. The slot is 30 mm and fits the Peltor P3E-earmuff attachment
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