999ST Fishing Apron with Elastic Braces


  • 650gsm heavy duty PVC. Oil resistant
  • 38mm Elastic straps with back divider
  • 1.2m long (47 in) and 90 cm wide (35 in)

The heavy duty 999ST PVC fishing apron with elastic is made with 650gsm PVC and is designed as durable and comfortable for use as fish industry workwear, fish monger filleting apron and for commercial use, such as for cleaning and preparing food.

The apron is made from our heavy duty PVC, the very same as used in our popular Crew range of heavy duty foul weather gear. The heavy duty PVC apron, like all of our foul weather gear, is designed with special polymetrics to withstand the oils and fluids used in the fish industry as well as for use as general industry rain gear.

The elastic brace system uses 38mm elastic with a plastic divider at the rear.

The 999ST PVC fishing apron is used by leading fish mongers, supermarkets, seafood restaurants and craft breweries.

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